Vendredi 18 mars 2011

Simple introduction tennis shoes

Tennis sports are generally classified into hard court, clay, mud and grass four. Tennis sports and basketball activities are more similar to the feet of hard big, direction and changeful, impact resistant, stability, demanding better, shock, stop slippery sex good, but compared with more intense rapid some tennis. So tennis shoes mostly for the forthcoming low to help.
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Classic head layer grind arenaceous cowhide sailing boat shoes

Boat Shoes,the most comfortable wearing one option, with lazy leisurely life style leading classical style, concise and easy, color respect also echo now fashion, bright red tonal in recent years, any more than the extent of color combination also won't feel weird. The wind and the adults in the college will become the hot summer, the tide people choice. Fabrics using head layer grind arenaceous cowhide, soft light. Footwear using the white mark line to draw the outline of the whole shoe body. Buckle shoes eyes: first, second grain use white grain with this shoe the color of neri color. The shoes tongue is used inside CPU. Rubber soles, prevent slippery wear-resisting, comfortable to wear.
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Street fashion canvas shoes

VANCL introduced a number of matching street fashionable canvas shoes, street fashionable canvas originated in the street skateboarding, since the movement on the location limit less demanding, so skateboarding has become in many extreme sports program performance and the most extensive representative. And skateboards driven by street dress tide culture, is this street fashionable canvas shoes. Made from natural rubber soles grain clear and natural, has prevented slippery, wear-resisting performance while keeping the lightness of the shoes. The soft and elastic within, thick and soft. The VT and shorts VANCL collocation of foot, let you wear full of fashionable popularity also refreshing breath of the graffiti decorative pattern, individual character is reveal the youth sunlight and young people's positive attitude to life. Is the summer fashion shoes floridians necessary!
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Jeudi 17 mars 2011

alk not more than 2 hours

Wearing points occasions like high-heeled shoes female friends, walk not more than 2 hours, lest affect health. Countries in Europe and America women like wearing high heels, but they are very attention to protect their feet, going to work dressed in cloth shoes, walk certain important circumstance again put on high heels. Reduce body weight if wear the high-heeled shoes, sandals type in heels, avoid too heavy objects or laptop backpack, to reduce the center of gravity be unsteady, reduce the risk of falling. Foot often massage often do foot massage, can alleviate ligament pressure, also can promote blood circulation, avoid the foot and leg pain.
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Grasp buy shoes time

In the afternoon, best buy high-heeled shoes when three and four of the body, because at the end of the day in the lower body, lymph ties than any other time, if it is a 5% ZhanLiZhe, lymphatic fluid increases long-term 8% of above; So in size selection best can most number or 1. In addition, best can try five minutes walk, ensure shoes really good, comfortable. Arches add soft insole wear high-heeled shoes, can put one soft arches place insoles, can reduce pressure on the foot. In addition, heel height had better not too high, heels unfavorable also carefully, otherwise it is difficult to stable support weight. Shoes head had better not too narrow, let feet and toes to breathe.
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Daphne won first place in popularity footwear

First name won popularity footwear since its establishment in 1990, daphne, in a fashion rich design, adhere to the quality of the process by the female friends love, its "Volkswagen, pop, first, the brand" positioning pervasive, for many years led the vast Chinese women's fashion pace, from the earliest pervasive: "the beauty is no discount, beautiful one hundred," to convey "like myself, now can be yourself" exactly the new female concept, daphne not only provide fashion products and excellent shopping experience, also care feminine demand, moments in 20 years with female beautiful became the most intimate friends grow.

In get broad consumer support at the same time, daphne also with services in products not only won the 2010 keep pace with The Times, the state administration of industry and commerce recognized as "famous Chinese trademark", more fashion magazine ELLE get their authority issued by "the Chinese star of the awards, shoes" China's vast female consumers, daphne was not only a trustworthy brand, has also become an indispensable in popular part of life.
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